We can so often get caught up in our own little worries that we focus solely on ourselves, forgetting that everyone has their own battles. Instead, let’s take a break from being self focused and look around us at how we could lift others.

It can be a kind word, a smile, a moment of true presence rather than thinking about what we are going to reply next.

One of the people that impacted me the most in my life was wonderful at making others shine. She had enough confidence in herself that she could point the spotlight at those around her and remind them how special they were. I am forever grateful for her kindness and now in return I try to do the same with those around me. Try it and see how it feels.

It’s actually incredibly liberating and rewarding to stop being self focused and direct some positive energy towards others.

Wishing you a fantastic week where you make the conscious decision to allow others to rise and see how that actually lifts you up too.

Geneviève xo