Hello my lovelies! I’ve been wanting to do this video post for soooo long! Sharing my top tips on the ways your home can make you more healthy + happy was dear to my heart because I truly believe that it’s in the daily details that we can make our life more inspiring.

I’m warning you, there is A LOT of silliness in this video (including a moment of me in the bathtub!). I guess I’m showing you another side of myself that you don’t really see in the posts that focus on the more serious topics. Let me know if you like this style as I might be doing more!

Also, be kind with your comments. I tried some new editing techniques but I’m still a beginner so the results don’t necessarily meet my high standards but at least I’m learning and trying!

So the main message to take away from this video is to be mindful of your environment and aware of the impact your decisions have on your health and happiness. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about making better choices every day (so don’t be too hard on yourself!).

As promised, below are a ton of resources to help you get started on making your home an inspiring space that will contribute to creating a fulfilling and healthy life.

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Bamboo sheets
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Chia seeds
Mason jars
BPA-free water bottle

Method Multi eco friendly purpose cleaner

To dive deeper into this topic, continue reading below!

Geneviève xoxo

*The above are affiliate links. If you buy one of these items via my site, I can earn revenue from the sale (gotta pay those bills!). I only feature products that are aligned with living a healthy + happy life so you can be 100% confident in your purchase. ;)

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  • Yes, exactly! Humour is so important and although I am all about personal growth and doing our inner work, we can’t take ourselves too seriously! xx

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