When you share your dreams and aspirations with someone, be careful of what you expect of them. We all want to be supported in the pursuit of our goals but not everyone will understand our journey. It’s not their job anyways to reassure us or wash away the fears we have.

When we look to others for approval, it’s often because we don’t have enough confidence within.

When we then share our deepest soul secrets and they aren’t met with the the enthusiasm we hoped for, we are disappointed. Hopefully your loved ones will support you in your quest but don’t rely on them or be angry if they don’t.

Their reaction to what you tell them is a reflection of their own fears and limiting beliefs, not your capabilities.

If you have people in your life that tend to focus on the negative, that is the likely outcome they will create. Protect your dreams preciously and be careful who you share them with.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you believe in the possibilities this incredible life has to offer you. ♡ (Image via Kelly Rutherford)

Geneviève  xoxo

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