In Monday’s video post, I talked about how we rob ourselves of joy by not living in the present moment. I even shared how my burn out 8 years ago led me to finally live in the Now and tap into happiness thanks to that.

You might think that you are living in the present moment but have you ever noticed how often you are in one place physically but somewhere totally different in your mind?

Usually it’s lost in the past or obsessing about the future. There is nothing wrong in having thoughts about the past or the future but it’s when we are constantly living there that we create a feeling of stress or emptiness.

When we aren’t fully in the Now we can’t enjoy all the gifts it as to offer.

Whether it’s eating a delicious meal, spending time outdoors or getting together with a good friend, we must be HERE NOW.

We can redirect the mind when it tends to go all over the placeThe first step is awareness of when we are not in the present moment. When we are doing one thing when thinking of another.

Learn to observe your thoughts and your mind and gently bring it back to the Now when it wanders on elsewhere.

Don’t judge yourself or get upset when you notice how often you are in another place mentally. Simply set the intention to come back in the Now with kindness towards yourself.

You will see how much you can tap into happiness when you really enjoy where you are.

If you are in a moment that is boring or maybe even frustrating, rather than letting the mind fall into worry, focus in on gratitude or your breath. Give it a try today. Make a conscious decision to live in the present moment as often as you can.

Especially when you are doing activities you like or that really engage the senses. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday filled with presence and intention.

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Image via Feel Good Joey