“The struggle ends when gratitude begins.” This quote by Louie Schwartzberg is full of truth. Gratitude is a practice that can bring so much inner peace and happiness. When we focus on what we are grateful for, it puts our daily dramas into perspective and releases stress immediately.

When your attention is directed towards something positive, it’s not getting caught up in the negative.

I did a video on the Red Fairy Project Facebook page today where I talk about the fact that the first thing I do in the morning, even before opening my eyes is thinking about all that I am grateful for. This puts me in a peaceful state and it’s the perfect way to start my day.

How often do you focus on what you are grateful for?

Doesn’t it make you feel good when you do take the time to acknowledge all your blessings? It’s easy to fall into a state of worry and let those anxious thoughts dominate our mind. That’s why we must practice our gratitude muscle everyday, so it becomes an automatic reflex to shift our mindset towards the positive when we fall into the negative.

This doesn’t mean to deny any problems that need to be solved but we can consciously choose to set aside a specific time to address them rather than letting worry be in constant loop in our thoughts.

If you haven’t already, start taking little moments of gratitude during your day. When you’re in your car or waiting in line. My favourite moments to practice is when I am going for a walk, when I wake up and when I go to bed. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday when you fill yourself with joy by realizing all the gifts that you already have.

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P.S. Thank you Marie Forleo for doing such a great interview with Louie! So deeply inspiring.

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