Mid-week is the perfect moment to remind yourself of all the awesomeness and strength that resides within you. It can be easy to forget when life throws us punches or when the overwhelm of stress kicks in. 

Trust that you have the resources within you not only to survive but to thrive. 

That is what you are meant to do during your time here. Use that time preciously as there aren’t unlimited amounts of it.

Mid-week is also a great moment to check-in to see how you are doing. Not you the boss, mom, employee, friend or care giver. You the soul that resides in that wonderful body. The presence that knows enough to realize when you have gotten off track.

If you feel like you are swimming up stream, ask yourself if there are elements in your life that need to change so that it isn’t such a struggle.

We are so often on automatic pilot that we don’t even think of challenging the status quo. You have incredible strength within you but make sure you are using it towards the right things.

Check-in to see if your actions have been aligned with your values and if you are allocating your precious time to what matters most to you. Wishing you a wonderful day where you give your body, mind and soul the TLC they deserve.

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