Joy can be found in appreciating the simple things. Gratitude doesn’t cost a single penny and it can make our life so much richer. When we are caught up in the rat race, we tend to forget all the abundance we already have in our life.

We get so focused on what we think we are lacking and often catch a case of the when I haves. “When I have that bigger home I’ll be happier, when I get that promotion I can finally relax, when I met the one my life will be complete.”

It was Gabrielle Bernstein that introduced me to this concept which made me realize that I had had this mental pattern for many years. I had been oblivious to the gifts that surrounded me and kept stressing myself out for always wanting more. I felt like I was less than if I didn’t reach a certain goal or get that new thing that everyone had.

At one point, a major mindset shift needed to occur because I was driving myself into the ground by never being satisfied with what I had. I was heading down a very slippery slope which caused exhaustion and a feeling of deep dissatisfaction.

Illness was my wake up call. Unfortunately, it often takes a major slap in the face in order to realize just how blessed we really are.

If we can take the time to slow down and enjoy simplicity and beauty in the everyday, we can feel so much more at peace. Wishing you a wonderful day where you eat healthy, sleep well, breathe deeply and enjoy life.

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Image via Kelly Rutherford