What story do you tell yourself throughout your day? What are the first thoughts that pop up in your mind when you wake up? Is the story you tell yourself they about the amazing possibilities that are in front of you and the incredible gifts you possess? Or does it focus on worry about on not having enough or being enough? 

We all tell ourselves a story about who we believe we are, what we are capable of and what kind of life we can create.

Being aware of this internal story is the first step to seeing if we are work for or against the life we want. We don’t necessarily mean to be negative or pessimistic. Sometimes it’s the cards we were dealt when we grew up. That said, we are big girls now we need to act accordingly.

We need to show up for ourselves and make sure that the decisions we make and actions we take are aligned with the life we want to create.

We must make sure that our internal story is one that builds us up, not tear us down.

Start telling yourself a story that focuses on self love if you aren’t already doing so. Watch those thoughts and curate them so that they make you feel confident and strong.

That is who you are meant to be. That is who you are deep down inside. Surround yourself with people that you admire and find inspiring. They are a reflection of the greatness that resides within you and that is why you are drawn to them. Use them as a reminder of what you are capable of. 
Wishing you a wonderful day where the story you tell yourself helps you start building an amazing life.

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Image by Lorna Jane Clarkson