Be very attentive to what you are telling yourself this morning. Whether it’s when you’re looking in the mirror or thinking about the day ahead. I watched a powerful Super Soul Sunday episode yesterday on the impact of our words and it made me realize that although I am a very positive person, I could still have a negative discourse about a certain aspect of my life.

They say that the words that we speak attract and create what we have in our life and I believe that 100%. Of course, there are external factors but our thoughts and our words have tremendous weight.

Make a conscious effort to say something positive about yourself every time you wake up in the morning.

This might sound cheesy to you but you can even do it when looking in the mirror. I used to think that positive affirmations (about myself or my goals) was super corny but when so many successful people stated they used them I decided to give it a go. Guess what? They actually work.

It’s not to say that you have to start this practice but definitely make sure that your internal dialog is a positive one creating the life you want.

That ultimately starts by loving yourself. Without that base it’s very hard to build anything else.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday filled with little moments where you throw yourself a few compliments and acknowledge just how amazing you are.

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Image by Melo and Co.