Why do we have such difficultly being patientOkay, I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone but man do I struggle with this one. Despite all the tools I have in my spiritual toolbox, my default setting is to want everything to happen NOW. I think that’s exactly what life is making me work on at this moment and I know it’s the case for many of you too.

We’ve gotten used to immediate gratification thanks partly to social media and the Internet.

I’m not dissing these tools as they allow us to connect and do incredible things. They do encourage comparing and always wanting more though and that’s not always healthy.

We have to remind ourselves that someone else’s journey isn’t ours and that we have our own milestones to reach and lessons to learn.

If you are in a period in your life where you feel like “nothing is happening”, there is a reason for that. Life is either preparing you for something or this is a period of rest between two cycles of movement and change.

Your soul doesn’t need constant gratification and accomplishment, it’s the Ego that only feels worthy if you feed it that.

When you’re feeling impatient, come back to your center. Honour whatever emotions are coming up rather than judging them and then let go of the grasping and manipulating.

You might think that your life will be complete when XYZ happens but this current moment has a gift to offer which you won’t see if you’re constantly wanting it to be different.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you embrace the present and trust that your soul has exactly what it needs and always will.

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