We are always evolving beings and must embrace the different variations of ourselves that come forward over time. I am far from the same person I was 40 years ago even though the essence of who I am has probably always been intact.

Every year that passes we learn precious lessons and figure ourselves out and the world a little more.

Sometimes we feel lost and sometimes we feel like we could conquer anything. The beauty lies in that constant change and not knowing what’s ahead. I’m grateful to be where I am at 40 years old (celebrating the big 4-0 today) and am excited about the years ahead of me.

We should all take a moment to pause and regroup to see of we like the person we’ve become and how we can be better and more loving towards ourselves and others.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you embrace who you are at this moment and welcome in the changes that are to come to make you even stronger and more beautiful.

Geneviève xo

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