You are beautiful. Even on your off days, even when you’ve fallen flat on your face. We must learn to love ourselves no matter what and know that we are beautiful and incredible creatures.

We are perfectly imperfect and we are here to learn and make mistakes without judging ourselves or thinking we are less than.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself “You are beautiful”. Does it feel uncomfortable or cheesy? I used to think so because I was not comfortable saying something kind to myself. It took some practice but now I feel at ease and I actually believe what I am saying to myself.

This journey can be a challenging and uncomfortable one if you don’t love yourself fully.

If you are harsh on yourself day in and day out, you are your own worst enemy. Harmony and beauty exist within us all and we must learn to tap into them and see ourselves for who we truly are.

You are so much more than your Ego or the mind that thinks all of the thoughts you experience in a day.

You are the presence observing these thoughts and you can choose to believe only those that serve you and make you feel at peace. Concentrate today on why you are a beautiful being and focus on the beauty of those around you. Wishing you a lovely Saturday!

Image by Teresa_Anker