How often do you start your day thankful for where you are? Do you focus on all that you have or on what you think you are lacking? Having dreams and goals is part of our journey but we must not be solely focused on the destination.

Joy resides in being grateful for what we have while working towards creating an even more fulfilling life. 

You are blessed. Do you realize that and believe it? So many gifts surround you and are within you.

Cultivate an active imagination, an openness for what is possible while being at peace with the present.

I love to wake up and list what I am grateful for.  I meditate on thanking the Universe for my current abundance while saying I am open to receiving more and being of service thanks to all these blessings.

Take a moment today to stop and focus on 5 things you are thankful for. Notice how it makes you feel. Gratitude is a great stress buster.

Wishing you a lovely day filled with joy.
Geneviève xoxo