How often do you let your ego run the show and how much stress does it cause you? I remember the first time I heard the question “Would you rather be happy or right?” it was like a light bulb went on. It made me realize the amount of conflict we can create just because we want to be right or appear right but in the end, does that really matter?

I thought in particular about my romantic relationship and started integrating that question in my daily routine. Our Ego can be very powerful and it can require us spending a lot of wasted energy if we aren’t aware of it and the thoughts it generates (and actions it pushes us to take to defend ourselves).

I would much prefer to be happy than right but that doesn’t mean I let others walk all over me.

It means I choose my battles and try to spend energy only on matters that are my core values. Everything else can fall to the side and although it can be hard to let go at first (let’s say someone says a comment that hurts your ego) it’s incredible the positive impact it can create in helping to promote more inner peace.

Notice in your daily life when you are reacting from a place of the Ego. When you are trying to defend yourself or a point of view or trying to prove your worth to someone.

Learn to let go of the need to be right and choose inner peace over your Ego winning. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!

Geneviève xo