Strive for progress over perfection. Remember that you aren’t meant to be perfect anyways. Celebrate the small victories each day and fully take in all the great work you are doing. Love your perceived “flaws” and know that they make you uniqueThere will be good days and there will be more challenging days which are part of the journey.

Don’t waste energy comparing yourself to others which seem to have it all together.

We are all in this together and every person faces their success and obstacles differently. You are perfectly imperfect and full of amazing gifts.

Any time your mind wants to focus on what it thinks needs to be fixed in you, make a conscious decision to focus on a part of yourself that you loveIt can be how kind you are, how you make others laugh or maybe it’s that you’re a great listener.

Set goals to reach your full potential but also celebrate who you currently are every day. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday filled with focus on progress over perfection.

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