We can sometimes get caught up in negativity either when life throws us a curve ball or because we are influenced number the energy of others. Remember that negativity is a choice, just like happiness isHappiness is a choice you make every moment of your day.

You can either base your happiness on conditions (“I’ll be happy if this happens”) or you can make it unconditional. It’s a precious commitment and it’s something that needs to be worked on everyday but I’d rather spend my energy on this than waste it on feeling crappy.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve become pretty much allergic to people that get caught up in drama. People that create mountains out of molehills and that don’t even see how blessed they are. Of course, we all have our off days and that’s totally normal. We just have to be careful not to always fall into reaction and ranting mode when life doesn’t go our way.

Be aware of your energy and when negativity comes up.

Also be aware of how it affects others when you choose to contaminate them with it. Negativity is something that can creep in if we don’t have enough awareness, so being able to observe our thoughts and behaviour is key. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday where you release any negativity you’ve been holding onto and welcome in more inner peace.

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Image by Secret Weapon_Creative