Do you ever think about the impact you have on others? How do people feel in your presence? Are they relaxed and at ease or are they tense and stressed? It can be easy to forget how our energy affects others so take some time today to see what you are bringing to your interactions.

It doesn’t mean that we can’t have difficult conversations or discipline our children. Everything resides in HOW we do it. I remember having to let someone go at my old job and my main goal was to do it from a compassionate point of view. Believe it or not, it went really well.

People can feel what energy you are standing in.

They can tell if you are coming at them from a judgmental or a loving mindset. Even if we say one thing but are thinking another, that can often be detected. Take time to reset and replenish your energies this weekend. First of all for yourself and your own well-being but second of all for those closest to you. Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful Saturday where you add joy and light to those who cross your path.

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Image via Lisa Messenger