We are all here to make our mark. To leave the world a better place than when we arrived. We have incredible blessings that we can use to make a difference. Whether it’s in your immediate surroundings with how you choose to deal with people (with more compassion for example) or by doing something that can impact someone across the globe.

We are citizens of the world and we are one big family. And just like with your family, sometimes you see eye to eye and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get along and sometimes you don’t.

What matters is coming back to love and not letting someone from your family suffer. From smiling at a homeless person to show them they are seen to helping shift the way our wealth is distributed around the globe.

No gesture or idea is too small. Everyday we can do something significant – in fact we must.

Start with little things and notice the impact they can have. It’s by stepping up in our own little universe that we can then step up in a bigger way and show up for those near and far who need us.

Don’t let the problems of the world overwhelm you, we are doing so many great things.

Focus on those who are making a difference and join in by taking small actions everyday. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Geneviève xo 

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