Boy can we be good at getting in our own way from reaching our goals. Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses and point at external factors rather than admitting we are afraid we don’t have what it takes. The truth is that you have amazing resources and power within you.

You might not believe that just yet but it’s exactly what you’ll see if you commit and decide to reach your full potential.

Whether it’s transforming into your most beautiful and healthy body or reaching certain career goals, you CAN do it.

Stop focusing on what you think you’re lacking or making excuses for why circumstances aren’t ideal. Life isn’t perfect and we have to do the best with what we have and as we move forward more resources usually present themselves.

It’s as if we have to show that we are committed to go to that next level whether in love, work or other.

We must have determination, patience and faith in ourselves. Certain days will be harder than others but just keep your head down, stay in your own lane and hustle.

Don’t compare your current results with someone else’s.

Use goals as inspiration and guidance but don’t get overwhelmed by comparing someone’s chapter 22 with your chapter 2.

Feel that greatness within you and allow it to rise by having kind, positive thoughts. Throw away those excuses and come into your full potential. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Geneviève xoxo

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(Image via Fire and Shine – Yoga and Activewear)