Execution and action are everything when it comes to getting results. Whether it’s a heathy body or thriving business it’s paying attention to those daily details that will make a difference in being simply mediocre or reaching your goals.

It’s not about comparing or competition but we do have to face the fact that to rise to our full potential we have to give it our all.

Even when we don’t “feel” like doing something we have to come back to our why and determine if the effort will help us reach our goals.

Dreams are important but it’s the quality of our actions that will determine if they become a reality and how long that takes.

Many people love the concept of the dream body/job/business/relationship but they aren’t willing to do the extra work.

You have it within you to reach your full potential but it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to tap into that power and make the effort day in and day out.

I don’t mean to sound harsh it’s just that so many have big dreams and then they don’t understand why it’s not happening for them. I’m no better than anyone else and I’m still learning as I go but one thing that I’ve seen with the results I’ve obtained is that the devil is in the details and in the small things we do everyday.

Wishing you a wonderful week where you commit to your goals by paying close attention to the quality of your actions.

Geneviève  xoxo

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(Image via The Happiness Planner)