« We are either living in a suffering state or we are living in a beautiful state. » ⁣ This quote is from the third podcast interview I listened to with Preethaji (spiritual teacher and author of the book The four sacred secrets) and it was so impactful for me. ⁣ It’s simple and yet so true:

Every moment of every day of our life we have the choice to suffer or to choose to be at peace.⁣

Easier said than done but I am convinced it’s one of the most important lessons we are here to learn.⁣ SCREENSHOT OR SAVE THIS as a daily reminder. It’s so important to have visual cues to guide us in adopting the right mindset to live in peace and contentment.⁣

And of course, as always even more inner peace can be found by focusing on gratitude so make it a practice to practice being grateful a few times a day (I love starting and finishing my day with a little gratitude ritual) and watch what magic unfolds.⁣

Geneviève xo