Whether you are using it or not, you have a precious guidance system within you: your intuition. It’s like an internal GPS that can help you navigate through life and know what that next step should be. Often, we are caught in our head with all sorts of fearful voices speaking to us. They try to tell us what could go wrong or why we aren’t worthy but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that your soul can tell you what needs to be done before your head will.

It can tap into all your strengths to help you move forward. Your head might bring in some practical aspects but the problem is that it always wants to have everything figured out and feel like it’s in total control. You and I both know that that ain’t how life rolls and so we need to trust our gut more and not let the mind overrule everything.

Often when we have a difficult decision to make our mind might be telling us one thing (probably what will keep us in our comfort zone) and our intuition will be pointing us towards the more uncertain outcome. It’s healthy to consider both inputs and then give ourselves some space to feel what is truly right for us.

If you are trying to find answers with your head and have been coming up empty, tap into your heart.

Stop overthinking and just be for a while. Clarity will come with time. Wishing you a wonderful day where you trust that precious inner GPS.

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Image via the awesome Danielle Laporte #truthbomb app.