As you wind down from another busy week of pushing, doing and wanting to make things happen, it’s time to start releasing that forceful energyIt’s not a bad thing in itself but we can exhaust ourselves by always wanting more rather than cultivating gratitude for what we already have.

There are moments for pursuing goals and there are moments for slowing down and realizing all the blessings that are currently present in our life. Most importantly, know that who you are is enoughYou have nothing to prove, nowhere to get and nobody to please.

All that you strive for can be considered the cherry on the sundae.

You are blessed and rich beyond what you probably realize and always wanting more can cause you to not fully enjoy the many gifts that are being offered to you right now in this moment.

Give yourself a break from performing and pushing.

You are worthy just as you are and with what you have. Wishing you a wonderful Friday filled with contentment for exactly where you are.

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Image via Axel and ash