Your heart knows the way. It guides you in whispers but sometimes the mind is so loud you don’t here them. The trick is to still the mind enough to let your heart’s voice become louder. How do you still the mind? Many ways are possible and you can find the one that works best for you.

It can be meditation, taking a walk, doing something creative like writing or drawing, spending time in the kitchen making a meal you enjoy, relaxing with your pet and more. For me, nature is where I am able to let the thoughts go as well as when I exercise, bake, do yoga or meditate. I’ve found the ways to quiet my mind even if it can be challenging at certain moments.

It’s worth taking the time every day to put the mental chatter on pause as that is when we can connect with our heart and when listening to it can bring us closer to inner peace and happiness.

Have you found your favourite way to listen to your heart? Does “quiet time” or just being with yourself freak you out? Maybe you are afraid of what will come up? If so, don’t judge that fear but don’t ignore that realization either.

As the quote says, you cannot escape the heart and it will find the way to make its message clear so better start listening to those whispers. Ignoring them usually gets us into trouble so we must find the courage to listen to its truth. In the end, if we are brave enough to listen to it, it will guide us and give us what we truly need even if we didn’t know what that was initially. It really does know what is best for us way more than the mind ever will…

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