Do you often wish your present moment was different than it is? Are you somewhere wishing you were elsewhere? This is very common but it also causes us stress and makes us feel discontent with our reality. We think that the future will bring us more happiness than the present but the truth is, learning to be in the now brings the greatest joy of all.

The reality is, all we have is Now.

It’s perfectly healthy to have visions and goals but we must first embrace what we have right here and right now. It can be easy to take the now for granted. To brush off all the blessings we currently have. 

There is so much to gain by enjoying being in the present.

You might think that’s a bunch of BS if you are in a difficult situation financially or health wise for example. Sure, there might be challenges to take on in the now but these will make you stronger. This is what shapes us and makes us appreciate the brighter moments of our life.

Struggling to resist the now brings nothing but suffering.

We can learn to be at peace with it and take action to move forward from a place of acceptanceIt was during the most difficult period of my life (a burnout) that I learned to be happy in the present. Sounds crazy that right in the middle of a lot of pain I was able to find joy on a daily basis.

Once I learned to step away from my critical mind that was trying to drag me in the past or obsess about the future, I found peace. To this day I am grateful for that challenging time as it gave me the greatest gift of all. Being where it truly matters: in the now.

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