Are you letting fear keep you stuck? It’s better to try and make mistakes than live with regrets or stay in the shadows for fear of failing. For a long time I was afraid to take action in various aspects of my life because I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough. I didn’t allow myself to be a beginner, to have a period of trial an error.

Nobody is a superstar at something from the first try and yet that’s the expectation I had for myself.

Can you imagine the pressure?! Not only that but this mindset kept me from trying anything new. I was stuck in this world of wanting to appear perfect because I believed that that was the only way I would be worthy of love. That’s not how we are meant to live. 

We are meant to get dirty and make mistakes. We have the strength to fall and get back up many times over.

Sure, it’s hard on the Ego but that doesn’t matter. It’s not your Ego that will help you create a fulfilling life. It’s that passion and creativity inside of you that wants to come out but has been blocked because of the Ego’s fear of failing.

Failing is relative anyways. For me, failing is letting fear dominate my decisions.

It’s not doing something because I’m afraid and not tapping into my full potential because of this fear. Notice today and this week how often you let the fear of making mistakes guide your decisions. How frequently it stops you from doing something that could bring you joy and move your life forward.

Set an intention to let your soul soar rather than allowing the Ego to run the show.

Your soul just wants to be free, have fun, try new things and not care if they aren’t that great. Wishing you a wonderful day where you remind yourself that you are 100% worthy no matter how often you make mistakes.

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Image via Lewis Howes