If you’re feeling stressed or like you aren’t getting what you want, turn to gratitude. Be still and focus on everything you are grateful for. It might feel counter intuitive at first to let go of what you were grasping into but you’ll quickly feel a sense of relief. A sense of inner peace that reminds you that you are good enough and you have enough.

In many societies in the world it has become a habit to always want more.

This brings us to constantly focus on what we don’t have and leaves us with a feeling of emptiness and frustration. What’s ironic is that the societies that cultivate this mindset are some of richest and most blessed in the world. Crazy right?

Let’s stop that madness and start incorporating more gratitude into our daily life.

I’ve talked about how gratitude is a great stress buster on many occasions and that’s because my gratitude practice has truly helped me find more inner peace.

Take moments today to stop, step out of the tornado that is your life and feel gratefulness for all that you already have.

You’ll see that it’s a great way to step out of stress and drama and with time you will start being more content with who you are and where you’re at with your life. Wishing you a healthy + happy day!

Geneviève xo

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