Sometimes we convince ourselves that we are okay where we are in life when really our heart is telling us something isn’t a good fit. It’s not practical to make a change so our mind points out all the good with this situation but the problem is our key values might not be met.

We distract ourselves with shiny things when often something much more simple would make us happier.

Let’s be honest with ourselves if we are feeling called to make a change (even if that change is scary and impractical). Let’s go for the great rather than settling for the good.

It’s not about thinking that the grass is always greener elsewhere. It’s about finding all those pieces that fit with our soul.

It takes trial and error sometimes to know what that is but if you realize you are somewhere in your life where something clearly isn’t fitting, know you have the strength and in fact you are meant to go for what is truly calling you.

Wishing you a lovely day!
Geneviève xo