What scares you the most right now? And what do you think is missing in your life to be truly happy? Is it something external or material or is it something less tangible perhaps (like feeling more peaceful)? I believe most of us experience fear on various levels on a daily basis. From something small like fearing we won’t meet a deadline to the bigger fears like not being good enough.

Let’s start choosing love over fear and notice how it propels us forward rather than keep us stuck.

Let’s remind ourselves that so many of our fears will not come true but more importantly that even if some do, we will survive. I’ve made some bold jumps in my life while considering what my greatest fear was about that leap (and what would actually happen if it came true).

I have no regrets in the decisions I’ve made and believe it or not, some of the “worst” scenarios did come true but I’m still here standing and stronger for it. Not only that, those decisions did actually bring me closer to the life I want to live and person I want to be.

Our mind will most often try to keep us safe and convince us to stay within our comfort zone but it’s when we follow our heart that we can finally step into our true self.

Choose love over fear. Choose trusting your intuition over listening to external noise (that might even mean blocking out the guidance of those who love you).

Wishing you a wonderful day where you step into faith and courage to take one tiny step towards the life you are meant to live.

Geneviève xo