Sorry if I’m a bit late for today’s post! I was giving a guided tour of Luzern on my Snapchat and time just flew by! If you want to see how the rich and famous (plus us regular folk) live in Switzerland join me at redfairyproject.

So speaking of living the luxe life, I want us to hone in on your most secret and ambitious dreams. Where do they currently stand compared to your “real life”? Have you buried them so deep you rarely think of them?

Is that perhaps because at some point you shared them with someone who shot them down as soon as the words came out of your mouth?

Did they tell you that those were pie in the sky fantasies and that regular people don’t get to live a life like that? Well if that’s the case lets get one thing clear: everyone has the possibility of living their dreams.

The problem with sharing our dreams is that we aren’t always careful who we confide in.

Many people become cynical and fearful because of certain experiences and in order to protect themselves and not be disappointed they choose to think small.

You aren’t here to live a small life. You’re here to live an expansive one.

One where you tap fully into all your gifts, where you connect deeply with incredible people and where you fulfill your purpose.

So come back to that dream you’ve tucked somewhere precious and private.

It’s time to take it back out but this time protect it well and only share it with those that have a bigger vision of life just as you do.

If someone calls you a dreamer like that is something negative, know that just because they decided to give up on your dreams doesn’t mean that they have the right to convince you to do the same.

Start today. Regenerate that dream. Give it life again by allowing yourself to believe it’s possible.

Then take one small action to get you closer to it. It might take a journey to get to your dream destination and if so trust that it will be 100% worth it.

Always make sure that you fully enjoy that journey because it will have many gifts to offer you.

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday where you let those dreams float back into your life and your heart. ♡

Geneviève xoxo

Image via A Positive Message