Different is beautiful. Let’s embrace our differences instead of allowing them to create separateness.¬†Allow yourself to see the beauty in every single person around you even if it’s hard to find at first. Every one of us has magic and light inside. For some, it’s well hidden under struggles, fears and life’s hardships but it’s still there waiting to be uncovered.

See the light and beauty in your differences as well. Embrace what makes you unique. Those little quirks that make you YOU and really truly love yourself for who you are-unconditionally (mistakes, “flaws” and all). When you can do that for yourself you will be able to do it for others. Loving them for who they are rather than who you would like them to be. That is true love and we need a lot more of that in this world.

Focus on love today and embrace each other’s differences. See the beauty and peace that it creates. Wouldn’t you like more of that in your life?

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(Image via Koshikira)

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