How will you step into your greatness today? It can be so easy to focus on others’ perceived flaws rather than looking within. I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s motto that says “clean up your side of the street first”. Meaning that we are all beautifully imperfect beings and should concentrate on getting our shit together instead of pointing at other people’s mistakes or weaknesses.

It can be tempting to criticize others even with the best of intentions sometimes but we need to learn to bite our tongue and focus on their strengths rather than bringing them down.

Think about how you like others to treat you. You probably prefer it when someone praises you and makes you feel good about yourself, right? Good, remember than next time you’re tempted to criticize.

This doesn’t mean that we let others walk over us or that we can’t have conversations about improving our relationship with certain people but that should come from a place of kindness and respect. A discussion about how someone is making us feel is quite different to pointing out what someone is doing wrong.

I feel like romantic relationships are often a place where we are tempted to criticize so if you think that’s your case, I highly recommend reading this post. Enjoy and wishing you an inspiring day!

Geneviève xo

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