How often do you celebrate those little victories? In comparison how often do you think about all that you haven’t accomplished yet? It’s time to celebrate and honour just how incredible our journey as been so far.⁣

It’s time to have gratitude on a daily for how strong we are and the obstacles we’ve been able to tackle and grow from.⁣

This journey isn’t always easy and if you’re anything like me you don’t often take count of all the wins you’ve had (big or small) and you tend to quickly move on to the next thing.⁣

Let’s take this #slowsunday to reflect on those wins. To acknowledge what amazing warriors we are in our life and also to notice if there is anyone right now that might need our support.⁣

We are all in this crazy adventure together. Let’s celebrate the miracle that is our life and honour the perfectly imperfect beings we are. Geneviève xo