Who doesn’t love a delicious spring roll with yummy peanut sauce? I had a craving for exactly this earlier this week and having left over rice sheets from my last visit in Switzerland I figured we should use them up. I think spring rolls might seem like an intimidating endeavour to some people who don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen but it’s really a fun process (if you don’t take it too seriously). I won’t lie. My first attempt at making spring rolls was shall we say interesting and there is definitely a bit of a learning curve but I’ve got a couple of tricks below to make your first homemade spring roll experience super fun and easy:

Don’t soak the rice sheets for too long. About 10 seconds should do a trick and keep an eye on them in case the timing varies (can depend on the rice sheets you buy and how hot your water is). You want them properly soaked but not so much so that they are super thin and will break when you manipulate them.

For spring roll assembly, put the soaked rice sheets on a damp tea towel. This will keep the sheet from sticking to the counter or cutting board you might be using as a work surface. Oh and don’t even think of using paper towel instead of a dish towel. It sticks to the wet rice sheet which you then have to toss…

– Once you take the rice sheet out of the soaking dish, start assembly quickly as the sheets dry out pretty fast and can then stick to the surface you are working on.

Don’t fill your rolls too much. This will make them harder to roll up and close properly. Feel free to test out which filling “ratio” works best for you. You can do a test run with one rice sheet filling it up and unfolding and removing some ingredients if the roll is too big.

Place the spring rolls in the fridge for at least 15-20 mins after assembling them. This will solidify the rolls and make them easier to manipulate and eat.

– And finally, don’t take yourself or your spring roll creations too seriously! Have fun, and don’t worry if they aren’t perfect at first. They will still be super yummy. ;)

The ingredients I used for these spring rolls are below but you can honestly toss in whatever inspires you. I usually stick to shrimp for my source of protein but you can do tofu as a vegetarian option or try chicken if you are a meat eater.

Rice sheets

3 shrimp per roll (multiply by the number of rolls you want to create)

A good handful of coriander (so you can put at least 3 generous pieces in each roll)

1 cup of red cabbage

3/4 cup julienned carrots

Vermicelli noodles (I used about 1/2 package to create 7 rolls)

Soak rice sheets for about 10 seconds in a large container that is holding hot water. Lay the rice sheet down on a tea towel, add on your ingredients and roll!

For the peanut sauce recipe head over here.

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