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Our life is a reflection of how we treat ourselves

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It’s somewhat ironic that I felt inspired to create this quote that touches on healthy eating this morning and then proceeded to stuff my face with McDonalds later in the afternoon because I got hangry (always make bad judgement calls when I wait too long to eat). That said, I really do believe in balance and for me that means eating well 95% of the time (I had a smoothie for breakfast and am eating a salad for supper).

It’s also about daily exercise for me and I went for a nice run this morning. Not as long as I would have liked (had an early appointment that was 2 hours from home) but as I say Something is better than nothing!

It’s the overall accumulation of our daily habits (good and bad) that make up how strong and healthy our body is and which then affects the mind.

The mind’s health is also strongly related to the thoughts we decide to create for ourselves and the down time we give it (via relaxing, creative activities, time in nature and meditating).

When we honour and take care of the body and mind, everything else in our life aligns with that.

It doesn’t mean that everything will go perfectly but it does give us a strong foundation which is especially important during challenging times.

Hope everyone had a good day. Sorry for the late post, there had been a lot going on in my life lately which I will tell you in a bit (positive and exciting!) but it is requiring a lot of energy so today’s post just slipped my mind this AM!

Love you guys!
Geneviève xo

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