It’s funny how there are certain life lessons that we keep needing to remind ourselves of. In this day and age and in particular with social media being very present in our lives, COMPARISON has become a huge epidemic. You think epidemic is a strong word? It is and that’s because it’s a disease (an emotional one) that afflicts many people and causes a lot of unhappiness and even distress.

When we look around us and see only a small portion of people’s lives, we don’t really know what is going on day to day for them. With social media, this is even more the case as we usually share only the highlights and best moments (leaving out the challenges and struggles).

Even tough I am aware I should be careful not to fall into the comparison trap, I still do almost every day (and usually when I’m on social media). Watch this video to find out what I mean more specifically and more importantly, the mindset shift that we can all adopt to step out of that vicious comparison cycle. Enjoy!

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Geneviève xo

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