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Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

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How often do you quiet the mind to create some peace and calm? Or, do you always try to keep it busy with tasks, interactions and distractions? It’s interesting when we look into why we aren’t comfortable getting quiet. What are we afraid we will find?

Yes, there is a possibility that some stuff will come up but that stuff is there anyways and you’re just dragging it around with you until it gets uncovered and resolved. Beyond that, there is so much light and inspiration within all of us. Amazing gifts that we can tap into if we slow down and let our soul speak.

Your soul is always there trying to guide you as best it can despite all the noise and busyness.

If you take the time to slow down and quiet the mind (via exercise, time in nature, meditation, yoga or whatever calms you), you will start to hear what your soul has to say. It will guide you in the direction of a life where you are healthy and truly happy.

Listen to it. Notice its whispers. Find ways to connect with it more often.

That’s how you are meant to live. Wishing you a wonderful day where you take moments to pause, quiet the mind and let your soul speak.

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