What we put in our body directly affects our health and happiness. When we eat crap food, we feel like…. yup, crap. When we eat good food, our body not only feels better but it has an effect on our mind and well-being because we are taking care of ourself.

On the opposite side, when we make poor food choices, we often feel guilty and that shame can lead to eating our emotions and going for that bag of chips to try to numb the discomfort.

It took me years to learn how to give my body what it needs so I thought I would share a few simple tricks to stay on that healthy eating path especially with the holidays coming up. Enjoy! xo Geneviève

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2 thoughts on “Healthy eating habits that keep me fit

  • I love your suggestion of having a healthy meal idea bank! It’s funny because I’ve recently been collecting super easy and quick vegan meals that I keep on hand and it’s been so helpful, I usually always have most ingredients on hand and it makes me eat healthier and spend less money on take-out :)

    I have 2 tips to suggest for those times when I’m watching TV and start feeling like I want to munch on something:

    1) do my nails: since it takes a while for the nail polish to dry, that means no touching anything so I can’t go to the fridge/pantry and usually by the time my nails are dry, I’ve long forgotten about wanting to eat something. Bonus: I get a nice mani ;-)

    2) chew gum. I love sugar free cinnamon gum, it’s tasty and sweet and satisfies that sweet tooth. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe the fact that I’m constantly chewing and therefore keeping the taste in my mouth is much more satistying that anything else you get to taste for a few seconds and quickly swallow… I always feel like I want more and keep going for more servings. And considering there’s only 3 calories in gum and I hardly ever eat processed food and added preservatives, I’m totally OK with it!

  • Such good tips! Thanks for sharing and glad you found this video helpful beautiful. Can’t wait for us to whip up our first fabulous meal of 2018! xo

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