I wanted to show you how to create a vision board because I have been working them for about a decade and I’ve seen concrete proof that they can help you reach your goals and find your purpose. In this video I explain how I started my own vision boards in order to get clarity on what direction I should take with my life. Doing this exercise helped me put images to the desires and goals I had in my heart and that weren’t always clear to me. I was able to get a better understanding of the type of career I wanted, what my passions were and even what I should be looking for in a romantic partner (more on that in the video!).

You will see that I go into detail with personal examples because I want you to know that there is no wrong way of doing a vision board and also that sometimes the exercise doesn’t bring clarity instantly. I mention the fact that I tended to gravitate towards many images of confident women that were running their own business and it was only years later that I actually took the plunge to become an entrepreneur. Sometimes are dreams are buried so deep that it takes a little time and work to bring them to the surface.

Be open and have fun when doing your vision board. As I mention in the video, don’t question why certain images resonate with you and don’t judge yourself if certain goals and dreams change with time. That’s 100% normal. The goal is simply to explore your inner world and find ways to bring it outward so that you can take action towards building a life you love.

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  • I’m just want to tanks for the inspection motivated video, hope you understand my level of English is not good enough but I did understand what you said and motives me to move on and find myself in a better position and ways to be part of the world and be a happy person in my life thanks again.

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