I’ve spoken about the importance of our intuition many times on the blog (like in this video post) and yet for several years I had no idea it existed or how to tap into it. The concept of intuition does sound a bit airy fairy and if that’s what you think I can respect that. For me though it’s a powerful tool that once you learn how to channel it it can give you precious guidance.

The good news is that intuition is like a muscle: the more you use it and learn to listen to it, the more it develops.

It can be difficult at first to tell the difference between the voice of fear and the voice of your intuition but with time you’ll be able to distinguish them mainly by how they make you feel.

One thing that is important to know (from my personal experience at least) is that you won’t always know why your intuition is telling you to do or not do something. Sometimes that becomes clear only after the fact or years later (I touch on this in the video linked above).

It’s a wonderful process to start trusting your intuition rather than always listening to those around you.

Why? Because only you knows what you truly need to be happy and what you should steer clear from to follow your authentic path.

Do you have examples where your intuition kept you out of major trouble? Share below! Intuition is fascinating and mysterious so the more we talk about it the more we can learn how to master it. Wishing you a healthy + happy day!

Geneviève xo

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(Image via Emily Osmond of Good Media)