Are you aware of the thoughts you have about yourself? Can you see how your beliefs create your reality? What story do you tell yourself when you run into difficulties? Our mental dialog can be harsh sometimes so it’s important to be able to observe it and change the story if it’s a negative one.

Everything that goes on in your mind is creating your reality. Is it a positive one? Is it aligned with your deepest desires? We might have developed a negative mindset because of the way we were brought up but we have the power to change that one thought at a time. 

If you had fearful parents they might have transmitted their fears to you which you have been carrying many years. The first step is becoming aware. The second step is forgiving (others and yourself) and the third step is to consciously choose a new thought that will replace the one that is keeping you stuck.

I struggled with a negative fearful mind for several years. It was the book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle that first allowed me to realize it and then stop identifying with those destructive thoughts. We are all capable of doing this. In fact, we are meant to. We are not supposed to live in worry and fear. We are meant to thrive.

See how your mindset is creating your reality and if it’s at your service or doing you a disservice. Create moments of presence where you can observe your thoughts and gently change them to kinder more constructive ones. Wishing you a sacred Sunday filled with awareness and a loving mindset.

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Image by Mija