Do you often look for people’s approval? Do you always ask for opinions before making a decision? When we depend on the approval of others we are putting our self love in their hands. When we rely on outside sources for love we stand in a place of insecurity and anxiety because we fear losing that love. The good news is that you don’t need their approval. You can become confident in your decisions.

If we learn to cultivate self love then we don’t depend on the approval of others.

We want a connection with people in our life but we don’t depend on them to feel worthy. I struggled with self love when I was younger.  I went down a path that was not mine because I felt that I had to follow what people were telling me I should do in order to get their love and approval.

Eventually, I realized that that way of living was exhausting and I was constantly on shaky grounds because I relied on this external approval to feel good about myself. It was only when I ended up in a place that really didn’t suit me and made me unhappy that I finally got that I had to be the one that approved of my own decisions.

Once you are comfortable and confident with your decisions, you don’t need the approval of others.

It’s a process that takes time but it’s so worth it. Relying on others’ approval is a stressful and scary place to live from. Start detaching from how others view you and your decisions and start cultivating enough self love and kindness that your approval suffices. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday where you start creating an inner world filled with love and confidence in the path you are walking.

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Image Danielle Laporte