You’re a masterpiece and a work in progress. A powerful message and beautiful reminder to start our day. We are such incredible beings and yet we can be really hard on ourselves sometimes. Why not focus on what is truly magnificent about us rather than on what we think we need to fix?

Sure, working on ourselves and wanting to grow is perfectly healthy but we must do it from a place of deep self love and acceptance. We must know that we are perfectly imperfect and embrace what makes us who we are.

We have so many precious gifts to bring into this world and when we focus on our perceived weaknesses, we block those gifts from coming forth. Go within, dive into your true self, beyond your ego mind that tells you you aren’t good enough. Know that those thoughts aren’t who you are. You are so much more than your mind. 

You are a soul here to live life fully and only when you start being kind to yourself will you truly start living the joy you are meant to feel. You are a masterpiece and a work in progress just like everyone else. You are unique and connected to others all at once. Embrace your beauty and the journey you are on to becoming wiser and more aware everyday. 

Image via @huffpostwomen