You already have everything you need to be at peace and content. Doesn’t feel that way? What do you focus on on a daily basis? Everything you are grateful for or what you believe is lacking in your life? We have become quite spoiled in today’s society and advertisers constantly make us feel like we need more.

We have developed a case of the When I haves: “When I have this I will be happy”, “When I get that I will be at peace”.

We convince ourselves that the next thing (be it material of life goal) will be the one that allows us to find happiness but really it’s already within us.

Once we realize how blessed we are and practice gratitude every day (I do so now as an automatic reflex), we find peace and joy.

There is nothing wrong with life goals but rather than always feeling like we are not enough and we don’t have enough, let’s celebrate all the existing abundance, enjoy the journey and while being content in the present moment, we can work towards those goals.

We can remind ourselves that there is only the Now and that it’s not the destination that really matters but rather how we feel along the way: blessed and joyful or empty and constantly dissatisfied? The choice is up to you.

Happy Sunday my lovely!
Geneviève xo