In the past, I convinced myself I was happy based on other people’s definition of happiness. That brought down the wrong path and with experience I realized I had to trust my inner guidance and just be myself. I had to trust that I knew what could bring me joy even if that was different from what I had been taught.

We really each do have our own unique path and yet we often try to fit the mould in order to get them approval of others.

I now know that that is actually a recipe for unhappiness and I’m so much more comfortable just being myself and making choices based on MY definition of happiness.

Let’s put those blinders on and ignore all that external noise. Let’s throw away the term “normal” and remind ourselves that authenticity is way more interesting (and less exhausting).

Wishing you a wonderful week where you stand proud in who you are and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t 100% awesome.

Geneviève xo