Don’t be so hard on yourself. Recognize all that you are doing well. Acknowledge the little victories that you might have taken for granted and forgive yourself for the mistakes. When you know better do better. We are here to learn. The more we put ourself out there, the higher the chances that we might fall but it’s all part of the process and every mistake teaches us something valuable.

What’s better: not risking trying because you don’t want to fail so you just live in this bubble that you have created for yourself? Or, taking risks and opening yourself up to amazing experiences, giving yourself the opportunity to grow?

When you know better you do better but the only way to know better is to start, try and then learn from that experience. If you are afraid of failing, know that any great adventure starts by being a beginner. By being not so great at something and then perfecting your craft.

This adventure can be a romantic relationship that makes you vulnerable or something career related like starting your own company. We will all face challenges that are hidden opportunities and only when we give ourselves permission to try, fail, learn and try again will we be living life to the fullest.

You’ve first got to be kind with yourself if you want to have the courage to try something new. You’ve got to be able to forgive the mistakes and move on. Trust that you will do your very best based on what you know and then when you know better you will do better.

It’s the same for everyone from a world renowned celebrity to the most spirituality wise guru. We are all made of the same beautiful energy but some of us choose to listen to the harsh voice of the ego that keeps us stuck in fear. 

Make a conscious decision to choose love and kindness for yourself and others and notice how the energy shifts around you. You will give yourself and others permission to live more freely, try new experiences and not take it so seriously. Try something new and do it from a place of ultimate kindness towards yourself.

Once you’ve tried. Celebrate your courage. It’s only when we stand in a place of love that we can have the power and positive energy to fully take on this wonderful adventures.

If you want to dive deeper into this topic, watch this inspiring video featuring Oprah, talking about how this wisdom from Maya Angelou impacted her life and can do the same for you. Wishing you a wonderful day.