Why do we get so attached to what others think of us? Why do we let them dictate if we are worthy or not? That decision is up to us really and we shouldn’t let the lenses of other people infect our efforts to be our authentic self.

People attribute value to different qualities and behaviours based on the lenses through which they look at life.

Probably also based on how other people attributed them worth. We each have our purpose and values and it’s so important to stay aligned with them even when others don’t approve or align with them.

We give our power away and we risk going down the wrong path when we let other people’s opinion matter more than ours.

It’s not a question of ego or pride. It’s about living our authentic truth and trusting ourselves more. Even if right now you feel rejected by someone, that’s because they don’t align with your path and that’s totally okay.

It doesn’t make you right and them wrong, it just means you have two different journeys. Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday where you listen to that inner guidance more and block out the external noise.

Geneviève xo