Challenges and challenging people can be great gifts despite the hassle and frustration they can initially represent. I believe that they are teachers with a precious lesson to be learned if we stop resisting them and wishing the situation was different.

When we run into challenges we often get frustrated because it puts us in an uncomfortable place and forces us to tap into our tool box to find the best approach to take. But if we change that mindset into a more open one, if we remember that we are here as students, we can grow from these challenges rather than just create major stress and anxiety.

Let’s be receptive to what life is trying to teach us. If we’re not, it will just keep sending the same lessons over our way again and again.

When you fave a challenge or challenging person, ask yourself “What is there to learn here?” Wishing you a wonderful day where you embrace being a student of life and accept the lessons that come your way.

Geneviève xo