Whether it’s saying yes to food that makes you unhealthy in order to please or spending time with people to appease, STOP SAYING YES TO SHIT YOU HATE. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and that usually involves food and people.

Know that you always have a choice in the matter of who you spend your time with and what you put in your body.

Don’t go against your values because you don’t want to offend or rock the boat. Stay true to who you are and spend your precious time and energy with people that inspire you and make you feel good.

So often we put pleasing others before ourselves because we feel like we need their approval: we don’t.

Stand strong and embrace who you are and especially if you’ve been working really hard towards your health + happiness, don’t let other people’s bad habits taint your good ones. Wishing you a wonderful weekend where you do what you love and start saying no to what you don’t.

Geneviève xo

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(Image via Well+Good)