Rather than fighting what is and resisting the present moment, why not look at the lesson it has to offer. When we have plans and life doesn’t go our way we often tend to get frustrated, but what if something even greater was awaiting us?

Even though we think we do, we don’t always know what’s best for us.

We can think that a certain outcome will make us happy only to reach that goal and feel disappointed. I’ve experienced moments of darkness in my life where I wondered how the heck I got there. I thought I had taken the necessary actions to be happy but ended up in a dead end (with my personal life AND my career).

The great thing about one chapter ending is that another one will begin and you get to make it what you want.

You can either wallow in sorrow because things didn’t turn out the way you expected or you can take the lesson from it and move on to build something new.

Our intuition is a great inner GPS and it will steer us in the right direction if we stop fighting what is and look for the opportunities.

Wishing you a wonderful day where you practice gratitude for the present moment and start seeing the precious gifts it has to offer you.

Geneviève xo

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